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At Mitchco, unlike many of our competitors, we sell our systems up front. Meaning that, after installation there is a one time purchase. There are no “lengthy” terms with “Large Monthly Payments”, that often cost you far more in the long run. We know that different spaces require different alarm installations. No two situations are the same. Our experts will design a custom home or business alarm system solution that guarantees the highest level of protection for you, your family, or your business.

MitchCo Security Systems offers easy-to-use, affordable, residential and commercial alarm systems.

We perform the installation, including video surveillance cameras, alarm monitoring, and much more.

Alarm System Panel - PC9155When it comes to keeping your home or business safe, a professionally designed and installed alarm system is a must have. A good security system gives you the ability to know immediately when there is a problem, and to alert the appropriate authorities. Some alarm systems may also help to drive off would-be intruders by creating a lot of noise and drawing attention to the structure. Knowing your family and assets are safe can go a long way to getting you a good night’s sleep.

Today’s modern alarm systems are smart and versatile. Many can be easily monitored via Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet, or any other Internet-enabled device, alerting you instantly to intruders, prowlers, or even a sudden rise in temperature within the structure.

Alarms systems with dedicated cellular connection can offer the most reliable monitoring available. Unlike traditional landlines, a cellular connection is not vulnerable to vandalism and will continue to communicate in the event of a power failure or phone line service interruption.

Whether it’s your home and loved ones that need protection, or your hard earned business, MitchCo Security Services offers industry leading Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems, installations, and monitoring.

MitchCo Security can be reached by email or by phone. Contact us today for a free quote for Home Security System or Commercial Alarm System installation.

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