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High Def Video Surveillance

Watch live video surveillance of your home on your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

High Definition Video Surveillance Camera Installations

Camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and more.

Installing high def video surveillance cameras is an excellent choice for your home or business, and is very useful in assisting Law Enforcement to identify intruders. Cameras also serve as visual deterrent to thieves. When they see the cameras, they will think twice before attempting any intrusion into your premises. This can be particularly useful in areas that may be out of regular view, or that have blind-spots where intruders may avoid detection and remain hidden.

Monitor and protect your business from anywhere in the world.

High Definition Video Surveillance is an excellent addition to any Alarm or Access Control System. Surveillance cameras are also wonderful for keeping an eye on your home, loved ones, pets or your business and employees. Cameras typically come as part of alarm monitoring packages that may also include fire and flood detection.

Security cameras can be used to capture people, events, or even vehicle licence plates. Additional zoom or wide angle lenses can be used to view activities from great distances – even a kilometre away, or to view a wide area that regular lenses may not capture. Night vision can be used to record in extreme low light conditions, or even in the dark. Cameras can be mounted in a fixed position to aim directly at a specific point, or they can employ movement to view a 360 degree area.

Having the ability to check your camera feed via smart phone or laptop also gives you enormous piece of mind.

The benefits for businesses include loss prevention, safety, intrusion deterrent, and as an investigation tool. Guard against theft, intrusion, and vandalism!

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