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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does your basic security system cost?

A basic system can vary greatly as there are many different variables that come into play when designing a security system.

To learn more contact us anytime and a security professional will answer all specific concerns that you may have.

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Do we own or rent the hardware?

At Mitchco, unlike many of our competitors, we sell our systems up front. Meaning that, after installation there is a one time purchase.

There are no “lengthy” terms with “Large Monthly Payments”, that often cost you far more in the long run.

Contact us for more details.

What type of system do you recommend, hard-wired or wireless?

The answer to this question all depends if your home or business has been pre-wired. If it has been pre-wired, we recommend a hardwired security system as it would be the best value for you, If it has not been pre-wired, the alternative is a wireless alarm system. While there is no disadvantage to a wireless system, they can cost a bit more than a hard-wired system.

After the system has been installed, what happens if we have intruders?

In the event of a break-in and the monitored alarm is triggered, it will proceed to contact the central station. From there the station will contact you and/or other pre-established contact personnel to verify whether or not police assistance is necessary.

Should we have 24/7 monitoring, does that cost extra?

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Should we install cameras as well as intruder sensors?

Installing security cameras is an excellent choice and very useful in assisting Law Enforcement to identify intruder(s) and bring them to justice. Security Cameras also serve as visual deterrent to thieves when seeing the cameras, think twice before attempting any intrusion into your premises.

Can we monitor the system when we are away?

Our alarm systems can be configured to provide alerts and can also grant you full remote control while you are away from your home or business.

Does your system monitor entrance doors, all windows and patio doors?

When we do our initial evaluation and quote, we carefully consider every possible entrance to your home or business. We account for all entrance doors, patio doors, garage doors, windows, vents and any place where an intruder might find egress and also consider the exposure features of each.

We have looked at several security providers, why should we choose MitchCo Security?

When you are considering any purchase you likely consider price, what is included, experience of vendor, how long they have been in business, stability of the vendor and where the vendor is located in respect to your needs and location.

MitchCo Security Systems cover the entire Fraser Valley since 1994 and have been a family business since then. Our many years experience include installing both wired and wireless systems to thousands of homes and businesses. Our security systems can be configured to facilitate both large and small applications, many with cameras and off site monitoring by either the owners or our 24/7 monitoring service. We keep up to date on all the newest technology to ensure our recommendations will serve both your present and future needs.

We are located in Chilliwack, BC but we cover the entire province as requested. We feel strongly our prices are competitive and our service second to none. We live in Chilliwack and contribute to the local economy with every installation. We service what we sell and are proud of our accomplishments.

Will installing your system, reduce our insurance costs?

Yes, often insurance companies offer discounts when your home has 24/7 alarm monitoring. Inquire with your Insurance Company for more specifics.

Do we incur monthly costs, annual costs or one-time costs with your system?

All of our systems are a one time upfront payment. There are no contracts or monthly payments on installations. The only monthly payments are monitoring fees, however, that only applies if you decide to monitor your alarm. The choice is yours. Inquire today about our monitoring rates and packages.

Do we have to put a sign on our home displaying your business?

However, it is highly recommended as they serve as a “deterrent” to thieves. Thieves know what to look for and the presence of an alarm system is certainly one of them.

How soon can your system be installed and how long does it take?

Most alarm systems can be installed in a day, however, this can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the installation. Further details can be given after the completion of an estimate/evaluation.

We have pets, will they be able to set off the alarms?

Pets can cause false alarms from time to time, however, many of these can be avoided with a combination of “pet friendly” sensors and the design of the system.