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State of the art smart home security system solutions. Camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and more.

Control the flow of access for authorized personnel and deter unwanted guests

Monitor and protect your business from anywhere in the world. Watch live or recorded video, get alerts for unusual activity.

Keep an eye on what matters most!
State of the art smart home security system solutions.

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  • Home & Business Alarm Systems
  • High Definition Security Cameras
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems

Alarm Systems

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Mitchco Security Systems specializes in residential and commercial security systems including:

Security Cameras

icon showing a high-definition security camera

Surveillance cameras can be setup to view from any Smartphone, Mac or PC anywhere in the world.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

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Mitchco Security Systems provides 24/7 alarm monitoring services for burglar and fire alarms.

Access Control

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Grant or restrict access to certain areas of a building or the entire building altogether.

Mitchco Security Systems
Your trusted security systems service provider since 1994

Alarm System Panel - PC9155Our many years of experience include installing both wired and wireless alarm systems to thousands of homes and businesses in Chilliwack & the Fraser Valley.

Our security systems are custom designed and can be a small home security system, or for a large apartment or business. Many of our installations include video surveillance, cameras and off site monitoring by either the owners or our 24/7 monitoring service.

We keep up to date on all the newest technology to ensure our recommendations will serve both your present and future needs.

Why Choose Mitchco Security Systems?

Over the years we have established positive relationships with our customers by striving for the highest quality installations and excellent customer service.

Actively, every day, we work to maintain and foster these relationships by pursuing affordable and effective solutions for protecting our customers and their valuable assets in Chilliwack and throughout the Fraser Valley.

Mitchco Security Systems specializes in all residential and commercial security systems including remote view, high definition video surveillance, wireless solutions, cameras, alarms, cellular transmitters, pet proof systems, motion detectors, alarm monitoring, access control, wireless key fobs, apartment intercoms, magnetic locks, electric strikes, maintenance, home monitoring and alarm apps.

Photo of 3 high definition security cameras

High Definition Security Cameras

Our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your security needs. We care for your safety.

High definition security cameras are effective tools for monitoring and protecting your property. Additionally, high def security cameras can be valuable for prosecuting alleged thieves and criminals in the event that a break in has occurred in your home or business.

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